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    Joshua Shapiro

    Hi Cristian

    I am making this a separate issue because I am not sure I understand how s2member is working
    to keep track of a person being a paid member linked to drip feeding

    I just did a test on a free member at level 0 – and it seems to indicate that whatever field is stored
    in the wp database, of how long they are a member whether free or paid, this date is being used
    to calculate in the s2Drip command from_day and to_day

    for us we want to share chapters of a novel
    but if the person is free or a free trial member they shouldn’t see any chapters for the novel

    my concern therefore is, if the date used for drip feeding is only tracking the person as a member
    where they are free or paid and lets say they stay a free member for 5 months and then the 6th
    month they become a paid member – all of a sudden instead of seeing the 1st month of member
    files – they see 6 months

    I have tried to speak to support about this issue around this date used to decide what month
    of membership files a person sees – Jason said I can’t see or change this date field and that
    it was linked to when a member makes a payment

    but in my test I used this code:

    [s2Drip access="level0" from_day="0"]
    You will see Month 1 files

    [s2Drip access="level0" from_day="1"]
    You will see files from day=1

    and I show both comments printed on the screen

    shouldn’t level 0 not work with the s2Drip code always be false

    or when a person is changed to level 1 or higher then this initial date of becoming a member
    is changed to the new date they became a paid member

    I was able to see that when a person goes over the EOT date, that s2member will shift them
    (if we ask for this) to level 0 and blank out all their custom capability codes

    I also saw if I make a custom capability code to view the free files during the
    30 day trial and give this to all members (except for level 0 make it last for only 30 days)
    I could setup our 30 day trial members at level 0

    so I am trying to find someone who will answer me how s2member pro works
    with this date in the wp_meta database that lets us check how many days a person
    has been a paid member – I can’t find any information which talks about this

    sorry to keep asking but it is key for our entire membership service, I want our members
    to only receive the member files they are entitled to based on what they paid for

    thank you


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