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    Joshua Shapiro

    Hi Cristian

    I seek your advice how to setup a person who doesn’t wish to pay online with paypal (or their credit card) and wants instead to send a check or money order

    I did a test today where I setup a free test user –
    1) I made a Pro Form so the person could register as a free member and then create their own password
    2) I manually changed them in their profile to a paid level
    3) I checked if the drip feeding was working and it showed it was

    I know we can manually enter an EOT date – plus also when I signed them up I made a special custom cability so I know they are paying by check

    Now my question is, do I only then need to change their EOT Date to keep them a valid member manually
    because it seems that they are being setup properly for the drip feeding date – but one concern I have is the following:

    what member files they see is dependant upon how many days they have been a paid member, does s2member pro assume for this date that is used from the wp_meta database that if they switch to level 1 or higher then the date compared to for how long they have been a member to see how many days to check to drip the new content

    we have setup level 1 for a 30 day trial membership so …

    lets say a person joins us for 30 days for free – at level 1
    then on day 31 they switch to a paid membership and then receive the first files available for paid membership
    but from the perspective of the date used to see how long they are member to decide what member files they can see
    will it be reset when they made a payment or will the 30 days as a free trial member at level 1 be counted as 30 days
    as a member so that on day 31 they qualify for the second month or membership and will see the paid member files
    from both month 1 and month 2 but only paid for one month

    if this is the case, this is a problem for us – does this mean I can make a level 0 member then a free 30 day trial member and by giving them a custom capability code at level 0 know they are such

    this concept of this date that s2member pro creates in the wp_meta database that is used to determine the number of days of membership is not clear … I am concerned the trial members at level 1 will get 30 days of free membership files they shouldn’t see – they already have files they get for free

    can you help Cristian to understand these issues so I can setup properly our free 30 day trial members
    and the people who pay us by check

    for the people who pay us by check, we want their clock to start as a paid member when I change their membership level and add the EOT date


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