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download restrictions during the trial period?

No, the restriction is based on level, and the user gets the level for the trial, so he gets the same amount of downloads as the paying subscriber at that level.

It’s an interesting question, though. If it were me, I’d probably look at using advanced conditionals to try limit it. Maybe change the limit number dynamically based on his time at that level… I haven’t done this before, though, so I don’t know exactly what the code would be.

i can add a billing method on a Stripe Checkout pro form, but I don’t see how to delete

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Could you show me?

discount apply only for the FIRST MONTH, ONLY? If not, then how

You could use the ta-only directive for the coupon, and then you’d need to make the first month be the initial term of the subscription you’re selling, instead of a regular one, so that the coupon can be applied to that term only. WP Admin -> s2Member -> Coupons -> Legend -> Directive

re-direct that user to the login page (/wp-login.php) with a message

You could try the success attribute with the wp-login.php URL, including a var in the querystring that shows that he just paid, and then to wp-login.php add a conditional that checks for that variable and if there display the message.

WP Admin -> s2Member -> Stripe Forms -> Shortcode Attributes -> success
WP Admin -> s2Member -> General -> Login/Registration Design -> Footer