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    Carole Asselin

    In the past, i have installed the PHP Execution plugin to address one issue with using PHP code for conditionals in s2M.
    Is it still necessary with the newer version of s2M?

    The reason i am asking is that i found out that with the PHP Execution plugin active, any member with the Editor role can’t access blog posts to edit/publish them.

    I had another site with different plugins, so i started installing the exact same plugins i had in the site where i noticed the issue, and sure enough, as soon as i installed the PHP Execution plugin, the blog posts were no longer accessible for editing.

    If that plugin is still necessary to allow php code to not be “lost” (i think it used to vanish, when switching from Text to Visual tab), is there an alternative plugin?


    I haven’t used that plugin with other editors in a blog, so I’m not familiar with that behavior. I know that there are several PHP execution plugins in the repository, which you could try to see if they behave differently.

    s2Member doesn’t add the ability to have PHP in your posts, so to have an advanced PHP condition, you do need a PHP execution plugin.

    That said, s2Member Pro does have the s2If tag, which now does accept an advanced condition with the PHP attriubte. WP Admin -> s2Member -> Restrictions -> Simple Shortcode Conditionals -> Arbitrary PHP

    I hope that helps. 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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