Admin pages not looking or working right

The s2Member admin pages use CSS and JavaScript to look and work properly. If there’s something wrong with them, it’s very likely that something is preventing the styles or scripts from working or even loading.

There are three main things that we’ve seen cause this:


The theme you’re using may be causing trouble and you can test this simply changing to the default theme for a moment and reloading the admin page you’re having trouble with.


Some plugins have also been known to conflict in a way that may cause the s2Member admin pages to not work correctly.

To test these, just deactivate them all and reload the page, or deactivate them one by one and check after each if the problem is gone.

Index file

If the default WordPress index file has been changed to something else, like an index.html one for example, this would also cause the s2Member styles and JavaScript to not load.

Try changing back to the default index.php file and reload the admin page.

If the above don’t solve the problem, there are a couple more things you could try. Please see this article: Troubleshooting Tips

Unable to Verify $_POST Vars Error

There are two main things to try when fixing this error:

Server Scanner

This script will help spot some known server issues that would cause you this error. Knowledge Base » s2Member Server Scanner

Follow the instructions in that article to spot these issues, and follow the advice given to solve each until you get an all-green report.

s2Member Server Scanner all-green screenshot

PayPal PDT

That setting would cause this error if it’s missing or incorrect. Please verify that your PDT configuration is correct. Dashboard -› s2Member -› PayPal Options -› PayPal PDT Integration

After fixing each one, do a new test purchase to see if the error is gone.

If you continue having this issue, try these other tips to help solve the issue: Knowledge Base » Common Troubleshooting Tips