Registration/Profile Fields Missing In Form

When you configure Custom Registration/Profile Fields with s2Member, those will show on your Pro Form during registration. However, they'll only be visible in the context in which they were configured.

For example, if you configure Custom Registration/Profile Fields for Members at Level 1, they'll only be displayed during registration if your Pro Form provides access to Level 1. WP Admin -> s2Member -> General -> Registration/Profile -> Custom Field -> Applicable Membership Levels

Please use comma-delimited Level #'s: 0,1,2,3,4 or type: all.

This allows you to enable this field only at specific Membership Levels.

Also, if you're already logged in when you test your Pro Forms, you won't see these fields, because s2Member assumes they've already been collected.

Profile fields are shown when the pro-form is used for registration (i.e. creating an account, free or paid). When the user is logged in, then the pro-form is only for payment, not editing the profile.

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