List Custom Capability Protected Files

If you want to list all the files protected with a particular custom capability, here's a way to achieve it via PHP.

Create this directory and file:

function s2_list_ccap_files($ccap) {
  if ($ccap && is_string($ccap)) {
    $dir = $GLOBALS['WS_PLUGIN__']['s2member']['c']['files_dir'].'/access-s2member-ccap-'.$ccap;
    if (is_dir($dir) && is_readable($dir))
      foreach (scandir($dir) as $file)
        if (strpos($file, '.') !== 0)
          $files[] = $file;
  return (!empty($files) && is_array($files)) ? implode('<br />', $files) : '';

Now install a PHP execution plugin to use this in a post/page.

<?php echo s2_list_ccap_files('video'); ?>

If you get PHP header errors, you most likely have something (e.g. space, tab, line breaks) outside the PHP block.

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