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Carole Asselin

When integrating with S3, I guess it was assumed that every protected file would be there and the local storage would be the exception. Why did you decide to integrate with S3 and why would you not use it for all protected files?

I never actually made a conscious decision. All the written files, pdf and zip have always been stored on my site, but when i have 60 minutes video files, i have been using Easy Video Suite, which integrates with AmazonS3 and having it out of the site, it would not affect my data usage on my shared hosting. So that is how things are divided.

Uploading files using Filezilla is so much simpler than AmazonS3 for those many small files.

About removing the count for certain users, you can probably give them a higher level than the regular user, and remove download limits to that level. Would that work?

Not sure it would work as nothing is based on levels on my site. I only have level 0 (free) and level 1 (paid) but i have no content that is conditional to a level.