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Carole Asselin

Now that you say that, I don’t think ccap downloads are tracked, since tracking limits are based on level. But well, if all paid users have the same level, then that limit would apply. I’m pretty sure that files protected with a ccap still count towards the limit, but you can test it (remember to user s regular user account).

That might be a little annoyance then: i have some customers who bought the dripped course, and are just starting.Their downloads are straightforward If i also offer an all access pass and hide the same downloads behind that protected wall, to track the downloads, those “dripped” customers will always see the popup about the download limit which is totally not for them. It won’t block anything as the dripped content will include fewer files than the maximum download limit, but still would be annoying.

Remember that if you’re using the S3 integration now, then the local s2member-files directory won’t be used unless you specify it using the storage attribute. WP Admin -> s2Member -> Download -> Shortcode Attributes -> storage

My head is spinning! I’d have 500+ links to change and i am terrified of using the program Krum suggested above in case i need to change something and have to redo it.