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Remember that if you’re using the S3 integration now, then the local s2member-files directory won’t be used unless you specify it using the storage attribute. WP Admin -> s2Member -> Download -> Shortcode Attributes -> storage

So you may want to have a copy of your full s2member-files directory contents in the S3 bucket for s2Member to avoid any broken links.

If you want to have an all-access, it’s not a problem when using files protected with levels, since giving a higher level will include access to the lower ones. WP Admin -> s2Member -> Download -> Capability & Level files

There isn’t an equivalent for ccaps, though. If a file is protected with a ccap, then the user will need that specific ccap to access it. To work around that, you’d either need a hack, or make another copy of the file for that higher access ccap.