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Carole Asselin

OK here is my hypothetical setup for a link to a particular tutorial based on two options:
option 1 – the user has purchase the dripped option (which is currently done with Krum’s hack)
option 2 – the user has a DIAMOND ccap which is an all-access and does not rely on the dripped option but is subject to download limit

Here is the possible code:

[s2If kc_drip_element(3_weeks)]<a href="">Square paper</a>[/s2If]
[s2If current_user_can(access_s2member_ccap_diamond)]<a href="">Square paper</a>[/s2If]

Considering that the same download might or might not need to be tracked the same way (maybe by ccap instead of by level) is there a way to limit based on ccaps INSTEAD of level?

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