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Carole Asselin

OK, i am trying to use the widget, but it does include the option to REGISTER, which i don’t want to (i want the free registration form), so i figured i could use the php version of the widget.

I am choosing to send the member to the other page (the REGISTER one) once logged in so the member would get the same message as the one who would have just registered (and automatically logged in through the hack).

My problem is simply the code as i don’t really understand the syntax. I came up with this:
<?php echo s2member_pro_login_widget("title" => "" "login_redirect" => ""); ?>

But it is not working. Obviously, i have an error somewhere, so i would need your help to fix it.
The page i put this login “widget” is this one:

Once i have the code figured out, i will take care of the page layout itself.
So, can you help?