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Carole Asselin

Hum… ok.. i think s2M has evolved faster than i followed. Level 0 used to be Free and levels 1+ were paid. That was IT. So ALL my “buy now” buttons and forms have been set for level 1 so i could immediately sort out who were the “customers” (level 1) and who were the “leads” (level 0), so this improvement is actually limiting a previous feature, which i didn’t realize.

The subscription is created when selling a level, and when the user buys a level again, the existing subscription gets terminated. Even if he purchases the same level, s2Member will end the existing subscription. If he purchases the new one with recurring payments, then a new subscription gets created, but if it’s a single payment, then that’s that.

Maybe there should be a differentiation between recurring payments and buy now INSTEAD of basing it on levels vs ccaps. Something i might suggest, if it can prevent awkwarness of the system mixing things while we try to make them simple.