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The subscription and the level are not really related, are they?

They are completely related. The subscription is created when selling a level, and when the user buys a level again, the existing subscription gets terminated. Even if he purchases the same level, s2Member will end the existing subscription. If he purchases the new one with recurring payments, then a new subscription gets created, but if it’s a single payment, then that’s that.

If a user is already registered to the site, but has a level 0, buying a ccap without a level (level = “0”) should keep the user at level 0, correct? But then, BUYING something changes from level 0 to at least 1.

If you sell it with the pro-form’s level set to 1 (level="1") yes, but if you are selling a independent ccap, level would be set to * (level="*"), so the member’s level would not change.

If i use a pro-form and ask for registered members to login, that is so the form with level = “*” be applied, but how does the free member gets his level 1?

You can sell the independent capability to level 0 users too, the level doesn’t matter, only that he’s logged in. So the free user can purchase the capability and he’d remain at level 0.

See the documentation here WP Admin -> s2Member -> PayPal Forms -> Capability: “regardless of which Membership Level they have on your site (i.e., you could even sell Independent Custom Capabilities to Users at Membership Level #0, normally referred to as Free Subscribers, if you like)”