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I’m not 100% sure I understand the setup you have, because there’s a big mixed use of levels and ccap for access and you didn’t explain the payments. I think that’s a mistake and that you may be better just using ccaps and s2Drip in this setup.

Or are you selling a subscription instead of one-time payments? That’s the only case where a level would be required that I can think of right now, because ccaps can’t be sold with a recurring payment.

The way I understand what you have:

– Level 1 is to give a 30 day trial, which may be achieved with s2Drip and not require a subscription, unless you plan to charge recurringly for continued access afterwards, but it seems that for access after the trial you give Level 2.

– Level 2 is for continued access to a single (seems to be a single payment, not recurring), and you have it split into two, for novels 1 and 2.

– Level 3 is for access to both novels.

– Level 4 is for access to both novels, but without having paid.

You can do all that with just level 1 and ccaps. Even just level 0 if there’s no recurring payment, use the free user registration (the free registration pro-form lets you add ccaps to his free account, e.g the trial one).

For access to novel 1, you give/sell the ccap for novel 1. Same for novel 2. If the user gets access to both, you just give both separate ccaps, not a ccap/level that mixes both. If he gets them free, the ccap can be the same for access, he just didn’t pay for it.

For the trial access, you can probably have a ccap that gives that temporary access (e.g. novel1trial), and you’d check for it with a conditional and the date he got that access.

I hope that helps. 🙂