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Carole Asselin

Yes, all three customers used the exact same form (there is only ONE place to make that purchase) and all three had the same ccap for the recurring subscription. I had set the level 1 as the only paid level i am using. I don`t use any other level so whether they buy a recurring subscription or a “buy now” product, they all end up with a level 1, so why would one affect the other?

The safest way may be to always only sell to logged in users, and visitors only have free registration as the next possible action, and then upgrade.

Technically yes, the practically, it means a longer process for the user, therefore a less desirable experience for the user who will feel like they have to jump through hoops. That is why i made that suggestion to Jason: on my zencart store, it knows if you are an existing customer or not, and will do the work in the backend instead of requiring the client to do all of it.