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that would not explain why other members who had the same recurring payment, and used the same form, didn’t see their recurring payment stopped?

I’m not sure why it was different for them. The form you showed me isn’t selling just a ccap, it’s selling Level 1 plus the ccap for a one-time payment. That’s why the Level 1 subscription ended when your customer purchased it again for a one-time payment.

Did the other customers follow the same steps under the same situation as this one with the problem? Did they use the same form to purchase that ccap or is there another form that just sells the ccap somewhere in the site? Had they started their subscriptions with s2Member and were they tied to their WP accounts? Just guessing a couple of situations where they’d not have that behavior happen.

I really don’t like to use a conditional to have 2 pro-forms (one for logged in and one for not logged in) because i have to rely on the registered members to log in before making the purchase. If they don’t, it causes other issues

You’d have the same situation with the current form without the coditional… If they’re not logged in and purchase, it’ll go towards a new account instead of the existing one. It’s better to always try to make sure that the existing user is logged in when he purchases.

The safest way may be to always only sell to logged in users, and visitors only have free registration as the next possible action, and then upgrade.

that is why i suggested that an additional feature would check the email and associate ccaps based on the email, no matter what

Yeah, that’d be a nice feature to have. I’ve suggested it before as well. I don’t know when/if it’ll be implemented, though, so I wouldn’t count on it. It’ll be better to make this work with what you have, in my opinion.