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Joshua Shapiro


thanks for replying – I have been able to do many tests since I last wrote this post and got some help from Websharks –
so I have two issues left that I am waiting for help as my membership service with s2member pro is almost done

first I need to describe what I am trying to do

we are offering people a chance to read chapters of two novels we are writing – rather than wait till the whole book is done
they can read what we have completed so far

the setup is level 1 is 30 day trial, level 2 is divided into two ccaps, novel1 and novel 2, level 3 is to receive both novels
and level 4 is free lifetime membership (for people helping us and with these projects)

my challenge is the following
I tried to use a Pro form paypal with modify to pretend I am switching to receive novel 2 instead of novel 1 — while in paypal
the previous reoccurring membership was cancelled and a new one started within the wp databases and s2member fields
we have two problems

1) the ccap field which showed novel1, now shows both novel1 and novel2 which is not what I want
2) there is a field in wp_meta (or something like this) which shows the initial date of payment should be changed
to the new date of this switch (from January 1st to January 4th but it was not) – this would affect how I drip feed content
as the member should now only see the materials for novel2 and not for both novel1 and novel2

I am used to programming with databases (not using php) and it appears via s2member pro I do not have a way
(as far as I can tell) to change the value for this member of these fields –
a) to blank out the ccap file in the user profile so it will only show novel2 instead of novel1, novel2
b) to reset the date of initial payment to become a member for the new service switch

so does this mean I can’t keep a level 2 member with receive materials for only one novel diferientiating which
novel by the ccap value and must make perhaps novel 1 a level 2 member and novel2 a level 3 member?

and if I do this, when I switch a person from level 2 to level 3 or level 3 to level2 – that this database field
that is used to determine the number of days a person is a paid member so in the s2drip shortcode when
I say from_day=”0″, or from_day=”31″, etc basically giving new materials each month that this initial payment
date in the wp_meta (database) will be changed too?

or is there a way where I can change this value of this field within the page via shortcodes?

do you know the field I am speaking about – I asked Jason about this and he said this field exists but
that a) I can’t manually change its value by use a mysql program as I can’t see this database – it is
setup by the code with s2member pro

so to summary what I am asking is, if I change a member from one level to another, not only will the previous
payment sent up on paypal be cancelled and a new one started but this date field of when a person pays
for membership will also be changed when they change levels so I can start over for drip feeding of member

is there a way I can view the value of this field – using a s2get command? so in my test pages
I could show it on the screen?

2) Second challenge with our membership – how to allow a person to join who does want to use an on-line payment
system such as paypal and sends us a check in the mail?

Does this mean I ask them to register first (free member) so they have their login and password and then
I change their role to the paid member – manually add an EOT date? but then how to give them access to
each month of membership – do I manually use the ccap field I see in their user profile and maybe put
ccap codes which I can use a s2IF shortcode?

like one ccap code that this is a manual payer (which I would keep a history in a spreadsheet)
then another code they paid for month 1, then another code they paid for month2, and so on

I am trying to have our system be ready for these future eventualities – or is there already a page that
Jason did which explains how to handle a new member who pays via a check?

only ideas or thoughts how to do this would be great Cristian

thank you – Joshua