James Hall

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Hi Chris – good to see you here.

The questions above (in this post) have pretty much been answer BUT the problem is still there 😉

Let me explain in better words what is happening – maybe you’ve seen this before (the shortcode is pro form with paid trial, then a recurring sub):

– 1st payment all good, all email/notifications are hit

– S2 member makes a payflow call, let say that the payment was made on 30 of december, S2 called payflow on 1st of january.

– S2 member marks the second call as “no action required by S2” and that is it.

I could show you the logs but i don’t think that will help. I have a pro coder looking at all of this and it’s really clear that s2m simply does nothing when getting the ipn from PP.

For example, in the file, the code says this:

if ( expired|too many failures ) {

     // Do make a call to the S2 IPN functions

} else if ( suspended|canceled|terminated|deactivated ) {

    // Same as above

} else {

// Here you have two actions that basically all they do is log
// One logs if there are no IPN Signup Vars and the other is logged if the payflow returns ACTIVE for recurring profile.


It should make a call to S2 notify URL even on active and the status “Active” should be something like recurring or something along those lines.

But nothing happens. S2m never sees the recurring payment even though we do receive the $. We would be OK with this except that now with 1000+ subscribers the task of calculating reseller commissions is insanely difficult and time consuming.

Do you have any real experts in s2m api code that could help us troubleshoot this? Jason has no time to deal with this as apparently we are the only ones with this issue.

Best, James