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Let me tell you the entire thing I am trying to do, and see if s2 can do it all, or if I need to use Gravity Forms initially.

I will be having 2 landing pages, one on a site that is entirely squeeze page, and one that is a squeeze page on my main site. This is where I will ask for an email address and zipcode. Based on the results of that, users will either be told “not available in your area” (very very few) or move on to, “hooray, you’re eligible, want to buy my product, or just look around”, and be assigned to membership levels based on that.

So if s2 could do it all, beginning at the 2 entry pages, then I guess there would be a conditional right there based on zip code, and the redirects based on that would handle the rest of the routing. So there would be a very small membership group of “not available in your area”, “pre-pay”, and “subscribers”, plus probably another group of “paused or no longer paying subscribers”.

What do you think? Can s2 do the whole thing?