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so what you are saying basically for all Paypal forms is we can send a person to the next page to see

Yes, you can set the URL to take the person to after returning from the payment. See the documentation there and run some tests to see how it works. WP Admin -> s2Member -> PayPal Forms -> Custom Return

if a new member pays on Paypal, that also s2member pro will automatically make a new account for them, enter their name, email, and send the welcome email I setup — also will send a temporary password?

If you used the pro-form, and the user is not logged in, the pro-form will also be a registration form, not just for payment.

The account will be created and, if you disabled custom passwords, one will be generated by WordPress and sent to the user by email. WP Admin -> s2Member -> General -> Registration/Profile Fields & Options -> Custom Passwords

I see how to change the welcome email to the paid members, but what about the welcome emails to the trial member

No, there isn’t a special email for those that pick a trial, but you could probably use some PHP code in your signup confirmation email template to change the message dynamically based on that. WP Admin -> s2Member -> PayPal Options -> Signup Confirmation (Pro-Form) -> PHP

under general options is an Email setting message, is this where their welcome message comes from? – the new User message you said above right?

Yes, when you don’t allow custom passwords. When the user can set his password, then WordPress won’t send that email (it used to, but WP changed that in a recent update).

if I use sandbox on paypal – I don’t need to worry about what is called my merchant ID?

I suggest that you watch these videos:

s2Member®: Using The PayPal Sandbox – YouTube

s2Member PayPal Sandbox Tip – YouTube

I hope that helps. 🙂