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Joshua Shapiro

Hi Cristian

this is what I found out so far – for example I use Foxfire – I saw there are applications for what to do with a pdf file
and what to do with an mp3 file (basically 3 options view/play, download or ask which one?)

so it doesn’t seem to matter what I do in s2member pro – if I try to download or view the pdf
the settings in the browser are over riding it – so it was suggested to me by a friend who is a developer
to offer 3 things

a) let the person click on the link directly and as it happened with me, my application was set to view
the pdf they would see this but then when I changed my setting to download, the file was downloaded automatically

b) suggest (but I think on a mac if a person click directly on their link since they don’t have two buttons on their mouse
they are asked what to do) to Window users to right-click the mouse to download

c) make a zip file of all the member files for the month – which would be downloaded

does this sound like a good plan since there is no way to know what setting each member will have for pdf and mp3
files in their browser?

the key is that via the settings I gave for amazon s3 within s2member pro is working

but again this is the code I used (I didn’t add the in-line part – maybe if I do this would force
the pdf to be downloaded, can you tell me Cristian as I wanted to offer for each member file two links?

click here

you see above I don’t have the setting about in-line – but I again believe the behavior within the browser
will be based on the application or plugin controling how to handle pdf files

also another developer suggested when the pdf file is viewed to open in a separate window
so they don’t lose the link to the member page where the files are to be downloaded

I just got a test site where I can try options and also the RC version of s2member

don’t worry Cristian about the delay to answer, everything happens in its right time