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after a new member signs up for this trial membership using a Pro form with registration=1, what page will see after they register?

See: WP Admin -> s2Member -> PayPal Forms -> Custom Return

now we turn to a paid member, using a Paypal Pro Form to sign up – we are told to send the person to paypal first, then they get sent back to our website to a final registration page (what is this page and what does it look like?)

The pro-form doesn the registration too, so when you’re using PayPal Express Checkout he’ll go to their site to pay, but the pro-form will create his account.

If the user is logged in, then the form will only handle the payment and modify the current user, not create a new one.

is there welcome message for joining that we can change the content found at: Paypal Options / Sign-up Confirmation Email (Pro Form)?

You can edit it there, yes.

If you don’t allow custom passwords, i.e. one will be generated for him on registration, he’ll get an email from WordPress with it, and you can customize it here: WP Admin -> s2Member -> General -> Email Configuration -> New User