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Joshua Shapiro

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in regard to your answer:

You said:

The PDF or MP3 will be opened in the browser, depending on how the browser is configured, I guess. Some will open it and others will download it to the computer.

I say – so does this mean that no matter what shortcodes I use in s2member they can not over-ride the behavior of the browser, I tested this in chrome, firefox, opera and ms browser – everyone had a plugin open the pdf file – even if I show the s2mempro settings or shortcode to not to do inline – it still will ignore this and open the pdf file or play the mp3 file – I need to make sure that no matter what browser a person uses that I can have the same result – to download (which I have never achieved with a pdf on amazon s3 not matter what I try) or to open the pdf file in a viewer from within a word press site?

you said:
You may need to generate a URL with a key. See: WP Admin -> s2Member -> Download -> Advanced

I have used the advanced features given and still unable to have through the browser I use working within
the page framework of my wordpress website to have the pdf file displayed in either the plugin PDF viewer
or have a way via indicating the pdf file is inline to display the pdf file to display outside of the built in pdf plugin
within the browser – it seems all the browser if they see a pdf file will take over the full screen and display the pdf
file within the browser’s plugin and not a word press pdf viewer plugin

for these two situation do I have no other options? or must I then forget about using amazon s3 and put all
the member files under the s2-files sub directory – if I do this I know the plugin PDF viewer works but then I lose
the advantage of placing the member files with a faster system with amazon s3

thank you Cristian