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forum posts and profile details to be lost, so simply suggesting they cancel and re-join won’t

Of course. Well, It wouldn’t be needed to register a new account, they can keep using the same one, so those posts and info won’t be lost.

What they would need to do is create a new subscription over at ClickBank.

If they user is logged into his account when he loads the page with the subscription button (use the s2 shortcode for it), it’ll be tied to his existing account instead of going towards a new signup.

WP Admin -> s2Member -> ClickBank Buttons

Clickbank “communicate” with S2Member so members who cancel will be terminated

Yes, if they subscription is created through s2Member’s button for ClickBank, CB will notify s2Member if the subscription is ended, and s2 will do what you set it to in that case. See: WP Admin -> s2Member -> ClickBank Options -> Auto EOT Behavior

Does that help? Let me know if you have more questions. 🙂

By the way, you may find these videos I created helpful (there may be slight changes in the interface since then):