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Thanks, got the email.

I don’t see yet what could be causing the updated hack to not send anything when the old one does, even if missing the vars.

I noticed that I may have missed an array for the user’s name, so I fixed it:

add_filter('ws_plugin__s2member_modification_email_msg', 'my_s2_modification_msg', 10, 2);
function my_s2_modification_msg($s2member_default_msg, $vars = array()) {
	return "Thank you " . $vars['user']['data']['user_nicename'] . "\n\nYou have successfully purchased the " . $vars['paypal']['item_name'] . "\n\nIf you have not already done so, the next step is to Register a Username for the Campus.\n\n Please complete your registration here: " . wp_login_url() . "\n\nIf you have any trouble, please feel free to contact us.\n\nOnce your registation is completed, you can login and access your bonuses here:" . $vars['paypal']['ccaps'];

But I still doubt that that was causing the email to not be sent… Do you have an email log to see if it’s actually not being sent?

By the way, I was reviewing again the vars array you got earlier and sent me, but it seems to be incomplete, probably missing data at the end. Could you forward me the email you got instead of copy-pasting the array only? Thanks!

I look forward to your update. 🙂