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Carole Asselin

I just did. I used a test account. I logged in, purchased the product, and here is what i got in the confirmation email:

Thank you

You have successfully purchased the

If you have not already done so, the next step is to Register a Username for the Campus.

Please complete your registration here:

If you have any trouble, please feel free to contact us.

Once your registation is completed, you can login and access your bonuses here:

Maybe it has to do with the 100% coupon code that is used since i am going through these steps:
1- i log in
2- i enter the coupon code and the form is all filled
3- i click on the paypal button
4- i get a notice, on top of the form, that “your account has been updated” (the level is set to “1” and not “*”)
5- now, it was not obvious, but i had to click the SUBMIT button that appeared at the BOTTOM of the form
6- after submitting the form, i got back to the same page, which is what i wanted, so the user can download all the goodies

But then, why do i get this email? with no item mentioned? And why does it use the signup confirmation email (which is giving the wrong message altogether since the user would not need to register a username)?